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Gentle Cesarean was pioneered in Rhode Island at Memorial Hospital by Dr. Susanna Magee and Dr. John Morton in 2009.  It's inception was driven by families who wanted the birth of their babies to be just as special and respectful as babies who were able to be born vaginally.  Since they began offering this groundbreaking technique, they have helped numerous families experience the compassionate gentle birth experience they desired.


Because Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island is a teaching hospital, residents there learn how to perform a Gentle Cesarean, what the standard of care should be in the operating room, and are bringing that information with them to hospitals all over the country. The definition of Gentle Cesarean at Memorial Hospital is...

  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact with minimal separation
  • Birth Visualization through maternal propping
  • Calm environment
  • No extraneous noise or unrelated conversation by the medical staff
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Presence of multiple support staff for mom and her birth partner
  • Breastfeeding in the operating room, if the mom desires

This process of skin to skin contact in the operating room is important for mother-infant bonding, prevention of post partum depression, breastfeeding initiation and success, and overall experience for a family when birth must take place in the operative setting.  There are several instances where a cesarean birth is medically indicated, and in a non-emergent situation, Gentle Cesarean is a wonderful option. All medical staff at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island have been specially trained by Dr. Kate McCleary and are therefore able to safely, respectfully and compassionately perform Gentle Cesarean.

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